Thursday, November 21, 2013


This past Thursday night, we ladies had such a fun time fellowshipping and making our burlap door hangar. In light of "full disclosure," I want to tell you the whole story.

A good bit of time before the ladies on the women's ministry council started promoting the burlap refreshment, we had to price all the items that made up the entire door hangar so we would charge the correct amount. So we did. Then we promoted the event, and you signed up and paid your fee. We felt the fee charged was equitable. After all, it covered the cost of supplies, plus I personally had seen these rustic type door hangars in stores cost $25-$45 dollars. After we knew the number of ladies who would be attending, we went shopping for the burlap, ribbon, paints, and wire. Amazingly, many of the supplies were on sale! A woman's delight! 

At the end of the evening of the refreshment, we were tallying up and settling all monies spent...only to discover we had money left over because of the sales. As we talked to each other, we felt that God wanted us to give, not hoard for ourselves. 

We had heard that since Leah's House is over 100 years old, the rooms are difficult to heat...especially those bedrooms upstairs. Each room badly needed a safe heater with a thermostat control. So we decided to purchase those heaters with the left-over craft money. 

That was Thursday night. Between then and Sunday, someone donated a $25.00 off coupon to Lowe's and we were able to purchase 5 heaters. Then someone else left 2 more heaters on the ministry table for Leah's House on Sunday. What a blessing to be able to give such a practical need to Leah's House!

As a side note...Ramona Callahan had told us that she was praying someone would show them how to build a chicken coop with some left-over lumber they had on the property. Guess what? Someone GAVE them a chicken coop! Isn't our God something? 

This whole incident brought a verse to mind: 
Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God's hand for that person. Proverbs 3:27 MSG 

I'm so glad that our Broadway women were able to be God's hands.

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