Thursday, November 7, 2013


If I were a doctoral student and had to write a thesis, I think I know what my topic would be. I have this strange habit of looking at people everywhere I go and asking myself, “I wonder if they are living the life they thought or dreamed they would be living?” 

Rarely, do I hear the story from another person that their life turned out just the way they expected, dreamed, planned, or hoped. Good or bad. Some would say, I never planned to be divorced; I never dreamed I would have a wayward or distanced child; I never expected to have a child that would require a different way of life; I never hoped to be jobless, addicted, alone; I never imagined my loved one would be taken from me. Others, from time to time, would say, I am living a life I never deserved – safe, secure, loved, happy…Both ends of the spectrum evoke a lot of emotion.

God is always good. This world is always fallen. To come to a place of reconciliation with these two truths, I have taken great comfort and peace in God’s sovereign right and place to be Lord of my life. Lord means Lord. I am one of those who believes I am living a life I never deserved. My heritage and choices of lifestyle growing up definitely screamed disaster and death. But God intervened and loved me to Himself as a young newlywed. He literally saved my life – now and eternally!

Life in Christ is to be lived in this diseased, unjust, wronged, against, and death-filled world. The preposition “in” is my joy word. I am in Christ and He is in me. To give Him the freedom to live this truth in me is what gives me the joy to say, “I am not living the life I dreamed, planned, hoped, or expected. Because of Christ, I am living the better life. No, my circumstances and relationships are not always what I want, but the “in Christ” allows me to say, “It is well with my soul.”

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