Friday, November 22, 2013


Children love to make crafts. This is an opportunity to make learning history fun by using food items to remind them of different aspects about the Pilgrims. Children can weave their own basket using construction paper, or they could just use a cupcake liner or a small craft basket.

Fill each basket with the following food items, discussing what each one represents:

1.  Chocolate Earth Balls - Pilgrims were living in England where the King made the laws and they had to obey them. He told them what church to attend and how they were to worship. They heard about the new world and the freedoms they would have. (Candy stores usually sell these. You can also use malted milk balls.)

2. Tiny twist pretzels - Praying hands. The Pilgrims believed in GOD. They thought that they should be free to worship so they prayed for God's protection as they traveled to the new world.

3.  Oyster Crackers -The weather was so bad that they had to eat cold biscuits and salted meat.

4.  Stick pretzels - Represent the cut trees. They cut down many trees to build homes.

5.  Mini Marshmallows - Remind us of the cold winter in the new land.

6.  Candy Corn and Gold Fish Crackers - Represent the corn they planted and the fish they caught to eat. They also used fish as fertilizer for the soil.

7.  Life Saver Candies - Represent Squanto. God sent him to help the Pilgrims.

8.  Maple Candy - Squanto showed the Pilgrims how to get sap from the maple trees for syrup.

9.  Teddy Grahams - The Pilgrims had to defend themselves against bears and other wild animals.

10. Fruity candies and berries - Food they ate.

GOD is so good to us.

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