Thursday, May 30, 2013

WAKE ME UP, GOD by Christie Smith

Looking back.

Ten years have slipped by.

How many days have I been alive, really alive...awake in each day?

The days seem to be moving faster, and my mind just wants to slow down and remember.

What do I remember?

My wedding day? The birth of my children? The obviously big, important days?

Yes... I remember those days... those precious days. But the moments that stand out even more are the ordinary days. The details of those seemingly "ordinary" moments so much more vivid in my mind. Moments sitting with my 10 year old son watching Star Wars and remembering 9 years ago when we were watching The Price Is Right, that same look of wonder and intense concentration in his eyes. I remember teaching my daughter how to make clover necklaces, her 4-year old mind full of excited conversation. And now I sit with that little girl, now 9, and silently look for four-leaf clovers...conversation optional. 

Will I look back in five years and wish I had been there more? Been fully there?

We fill our lives with so much, and in the end, so much of it turns out not to matter. What will matter? What will I miss? I think I'll miss the toothpaste splatters on the mirror, the sticky countertops, rolling over in the morning and finding a kid stowed away in my bed...again. I don't think I'll miss that latest episode of my favorite show or the status update of some random "friend" on someday in 2013. 

Oh God, wake me up to what really matters.

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