Wednesday, May 29, 2013


“Miracles can happen 
to those who love the Lord! 
Blessed are they that believe in Him, 
His kingdom shall be yours.  

It’s the miracle of Jesus, 
the greatest miracle of all…
He’s so far beyond our simple minds, 
yet so near when sinners call. 
All it takes is honest praying 
from an open, seeking heart –
and the miracle of Jesus can start.”

I have resurrected Sandi Patty’s “Friendship Company” cassette tape. While having the girls in the car, they have gotten to know some of the same songs their dad was raised with as a little boy! It is great fun singing and acting out the words as we run errands or picnic. The first miracle song is fun and lively, while the second song is pretty and calm. All is going well as we sing and ride, until out of Sara Louise’s mouth come the words, “Honey, I pray and I don’t get miracles.” Being the wannabe fix-it queen, who never wants the grandchildren to doubt or question God, I say, “Oh, Sara Louise, you have miracles every day!” Thankfully, this five-year-old still thinks everything I say must be right because I am the Honey. And this one sentence response is enough. (I am grateful, yet aware of the importance of clean words to believe). But I have spent a lot of time thinking about that statement “I pray and I don’t get miracles.” I wonder if that is the heart-thought of myself at times and even other children of our Father. When I was going through the study “One Thousand Gifts,” I believe the Holy Spirit seared a truth into my heart. The truth – God is more concerned with me being changed than with my circumstances being changed. Basically, I know the miracle of a changed heart, a reborn heart, a heart that will live eternally! What I am learning in a very fresh way is - God is miraculously changing me in my responses, emotions, and desires daily! When I “normally” get fearful, worried, angry, or any other “normal” response or way, and the Holy Spirit is free to rule, this is a miracle! I am convinced my greatest miracles are miracles of the heart.

I am going to be very intentional in teaching the grandchildren (and anyone else that wants to jump in with me) about miracles of the heart – the miracle of a fruit of the Spirit heart, the miracle of finishing their race well, the miracle of putting off the old self and putting on the new self. These are the miracles that they can see daily as they love, pray, and trust the Lord. Truly, God is the God of miracles! 

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