Thursday, May 2, 2013

OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES by Cathy Westmoreland

Several years ago I stopped at a Wendy's in Conway, Arkansas. I had my 2 1/2 year old grandson Andrew with me. Sitting down to our meal, I asked Andrew if he wanted to pray. He smiled and said yes. As I bowed my head, closed my eyes, and waited for his sweet voice, I heard nothing. I looked up and saw that Andrew was smiling at the couple who had sat down right next to us to eat. The gentleman had already started eating his sandwich. The lady smiled at Andrew. At that moment, my sweet Andrew announced, "Let's pray." The lady sweetly told her husband to stop eating and to listen to the blessing. After Andrew finished praying, I gently explained that they weren't at our table. Andrew's response was that he didn't want God to be sad because they forgot to pray and that maybe their grandson couldn't come to pray for them. The lady thanked Andrew for praying and told us they were Christians. She also said they should have been the ones setting the example. Oh, how young ones teach us!

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