Thursday, August 29, 2013


What do the words change, unconditional, and anything have in common? Or would it be better to ask how can they be tied together? Answer - each one is a part of God’s heart for me! Each one is to be laid down before the Lord!

Summer has gone by the wayside, fall is in the air…decorative pumpkins and fall colored M & Ms are on display, along with Friday night football. Definitely the most wonderful time of year – fall!  But in this one sentence of moving from three months of life to the next three months, there has been a lot left unsaid.

Change is good, exciting, hard, scary, and necessary. Change is a part of life from the moment of birth to the day our faith becomes sight. Unconditional is a term implying no limits, like God’s unconditional love. Anything is any thing. The summer in the rear view mirror was a stretch of my heart and a setting of teaching me how far I have to go with embracing change with an unconditional love and a heart of any thing.

Praying daily for God to bless, use, and grow me had become more of a ritual than a “thought through” desire. The reason I know this now is because God took me up on this sentence prayer. He is extremely faithful and creative to do “above and beyond all I can ask or imagine.” In order to change me, He had to bring people and circumstances to me to start the change I needed for my heart.  As long as I am having a life that is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow there will be no change, just a feeling of “I got this.”  Pretty comfortable!

To teach me about unconditional living, He had to break down my conditions I had set about my life. “Don’t mess with it if it ain’t broken” can become my status quo, but the truth revealed is – my heart can get very stuck in a rut of checklists of conditional boundaries…feeling in control and content in my box.

But the big project was and is the overwhelming work of revealing how “unanything” I am. God is so desirous for me to be an anything girl. Anywhere, anyone, anytime, anyhow. This is my great awakening – I am a status quo, conditional, and unanything girl. I do not want to sound defeated or self pitying, but hopeful. I know “He’s still working on me, to make me what I ought to be…” 
As I begin a fresh new season and new heart class (truth be known, it is a repeat of heart classes I have attended in the past), my prayer is “Father, change me, remove my conditional ways, and take me to the anything life for You. I pray for no fear, no resistance, no regret as I walk with You.”  Amen.

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