Thursday, August 8, 2013


As we took the short tour of interesting rooms in the main floor of  
Highclere Castle (AKA...Downton Abbey) last time, we caught just a glimpse of  what this magnificent home has to offer. But where do the residents spend their time of sleep and relaxation? I found some interesting history on the bedrooms and how they served over the years.

The Mercia bedroom is probably the most recognizable. This is the room that is occupied by "Lord and Lady Grantham." If you look closely, the bed is not that grand, but what makes this such a show piece is the canopy and fabrics used to define this sleep space. The textiles are 18th century silks that adorn the canopy with a long panel to display the design of the fabric. The Aubusson rug is placed in front of the bed to add extra color and texture.

The Arundel Bedroom is not one I recall seeing on the show, but its rich history is interesting. This bedroom looks more casual in its decor and was once used as an operating and recovery room in the First World War.

In all, there are 50-80 bedrooms in the house, but the current  
residents, Lord and Lady Carnarvon, claim they only use 15 bedrooms! Wouldn't you hate to have to make all those beds?

I found in my research that Highclere castle is absolutely  
magnificent, but I think that if you look at the different spaces,  
rooms like the Saloon and Library make the house fabulous. Not so much the bedrooms!

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