Monday, June 17, 2013


You have stayed long enough at this mountain. 
Break camp and advance...
Deut. 1:6-7

Tony Manley's post spoke to me this past Friday. Go back and read it. What's the mountain in your life that you need to leave?

  • unforgiveness?
  • a deadend job?
  • fear?
  • unresolved issues?
  • lack of trust?
  • disbelief?
  • worry?

(Remember, Beth Moore said this is not permission to leave a marriage!)

As I read some more in Deuteronomy, I found these verses:

See, I have given you this land. 
Go in and take possession...
Do not be terrified; 
do not be afraid... 
The Lord your God, 
who is going before you, 
will fight for you...
Deut. 1:8, 29-30

I find great comfort in two things: 
     (1) knowing I'm not walking into the "unknown" blindly. God has already gone before me. Nothing will take Him by surprise. 
     (2) knowing I have a God who will fight for me. I don't have to do it alone, or possibly at all! 

Anybody, besides me, need to break camp and advance? 

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