Thursday, October 18, 2012

PRECIOUS PRAYERS by Cathy Westmoreland

One of the many blessings of teaching children in Sunday School is that I get to hear their sweet prayers and pray with them. I always tell the children to just talk to God, that He is their heavenly father. Just as they seek their dad's attention and want to be near him and share with him the excitement of their day, so it should be with their heavenly father. Sometimes, their earthly fathers may be too busy to hear what they have to say to him, but GOD is never too busy. It's always the right time to talk to Him. The right place is any place. A little child prays from the heart. They don't worry about the length of their prayer or whether it is articulate or what their friend thinks!! They carry on a simple conversation. They know He is listening. Why do we as adults sometimes fear praying in a crowded room? Who are we talking to? Maybe we should take our cue from God's youngest...children who just talk to Him. He is waiting to hear from us. He is listening!

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