Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mixing Metals by Stacy McSpadden

Mixing Metals....YES!  It is ok!

All of my life I have either been in my silver phase or gold phase. Mainly concerning jewelry. Mostly silver. I have never been one to wear silver earrings with a gold necklace. In design, I never mixed a silver mirror with gold lamps.  Until recently...

In Spring 2013, the High Point Market highlighted the use of mixed metals in design. This carried over to fashion as well. My co-worker Lana and I loved the trend and look so much that we made the mixing of metals a priority in the Vesta Show House in 2013.  

This living room was a classic way to incorporate lots of color, texture, and use of metal. We placed a silver lamp on the bronze iron table base and popped it with a bright gold accessory on the hearth. We also used a gold cocktail table with antiqued glass in front of the emerald sofa.  

I love this mix of color and texture as well. The sunburst mirror really sets off the mercury glass lamp. And nothing looks better than mixing in traditional blue and white porcelain.

And mixing metals doesn't even mean mixing color. It is really fun to use different textures and finishes of the same metallic. As you can see here, the designer used different shades of silver. I love the use of the "disco" balls for accents.

Ladies, don't be afraid to pull out those brass candlesticks and use them on your dining centerpiece with your fine silver. Mix it up. It's fun!

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