Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Idol Worship - Being Real by Donna Clayton

In recent weeks, I’ve seen and heard several messages, Sunday school lessons, and read articles about God’s people being judged for worshiping idols.  

My first response when I hear these messages is usually to pat myself on the back and think, “Well, I’m glad I don’t have any idols.” (I’m just being honest here.)

However, as I have been on a quest to grow spiritually by reading and meditating on God’s Word, He (God, my Savior, my Father) has gently put His finger on my heart and said, “Oh, yes, you do have an idol.”

"What!? God, is this for real? Lord, NO! I can’t be guilty of breaking Your commandment!" 

Under compulsion to settle this conviction, I looked up the word idol on dictionary.com to see exactly how idol is defined. Here is what it says:
1) an image of a deity other than God. 
2) any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion. 

Definition one – not guilty – I don’t have any golden calves or statues or graven images lying around.

Definition two – not guilty – hmmm, maybe – no wait – I am guilty of this very thing with my grandson. I adore him, and I’m totally devoted to him when he’s here. Is that really idol worship? I think it would qualify.

In reflecting on those definitions, God helped me see the truth. When Conner is with me, I think about what would make him happy, what I could do to make him enjoy his time with me, and how I feel elated in his presence.   

Again, I felt God’s finger on my heart. “You don’t feel or act that way with Me.” OUCH! He is right!! The One Who infused me with new life, paid my ransom, and gave His only begotten Son is worth me asking myself some hard questions.

“What would make Him happy?” 
“What can I do to make Him enjoy His time with me?“
“Doesn’t He make me feel elated in His presence?” 

I had to confess my sin. "Father, please forgive me for doing for Conner what rightfully should be done for You - You alone are worthy. Help me to love that baby boy with the correct amount of devotion and admiration AFTER I give You the most devotion and admiration." 


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