Thursday, April 25, 2013


Back in March I attended the Holiday Gift Market in Atlanta to do a little Christmas buying for the store. The trends in Holiday decor have not changed much from last year, but I thought y'all might enjoy some of the "weird" that we found.

Legs are in!  I know you are thinking, LEGS?!? Yes. Legs. They were everywhere. We saw them sitting on chairs, hanging from ceilings, and even placed in Christmas trees. Yeah...we didn't buy any of these. Too weird for me!

Another item of the weird was a stuffed nativity for your Christmas decor. Yeah, I just don't think our Lord and His earthly parents looked like this. And don't come looking for these at Chestnut Hall. We won't be carrying them!

The last thing is an obnoxious Santa that laughs and moves. Now your little ones may love it, but to me it's the kind of thing after once I would throw across the room so that it would break! You won't find this at CH either!

Stay tuned for more Weird Things from Market. I will be attending the International Home Furnishings Market this week, and I can tell you that there are plenty of oddities in High Point.

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