Friday, April 12, 2013

DROWNING by Vicki Taylor

In the past few weeks, Satan has exploded an atomic bomb in our little family – that prowling lion has attacked us in every way he can to try to destroy five family units. Yes he is alive and active – don’t let anyone tell you he isn’t!!

Now, I’ve got to be quite honest with you. I’ve had a really hard time because three out of five of those families are mine. I’m even struggling with being thankful. Sometimes I feel I’m drowning under the attack because where I’m treading water, it’s impossible to see what God is doing beneath the surface and beyond the moment.  

So I asked the Lord … “How are You going to bring good for me and glory for You out of ALL this mess?” I think He was glad I asked. He reminded me of Second Corinthians 10:7 - “You are looking only at the surface of things.”  Well, that got my attention, because that is where I was, on the surface treading water. What I could not “see” was what was going on beneath – those things I know without seeing.

Because I know my Heavenly Father, I know He is able to do anything, anywhere, anytime, if I just give it to Him and let Him have it all. And I am assured whatever He does will always turn out to be good because He is good! I can know, without seeing, that God will take my circumstances and, in faith, cause me to “take root below and bear fruit above” and grow deeper in Him through it all. 

God did not say any of this will be easy or pain free – but He did say that with eyes of faith I could see beneath it to His work within me, and beyond it to the joy set before me (Hebrews 12:2). He is really more concerned about what is happening in me than what is happening to me … it really is all in our perspective.  

Well, being a wee bit Irish, it’s a good thing I love the color green, because it looks like I’m going to be in this valley for a while. But it sure beats treading water. 

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