Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WHO AM I by Christie Smith

(Articles between now and Thanksgiving will be based on questions to ask yourself so you can prepare your heart to truly be thankful. They are written by different women in our church. You may want to read the first one, Preparing for Thanksgiving, by Christie Smith.

 Who am I?

We hear this question so often in life, usually entering high school or college when we are trying to figure out who we are apart from our parents. But I think that we never answer that question in the context it should be answered because we always ask from the wrong point-of-view. We are usually asking ourselves, "Who am I in this world? How do I stack up compared to everyone else around me? What can I accomplish in this society?" We should instead be asking, "Who am I in Christ?" I really think that how we see ourselves tells us a lot about how we see God. Do we really believe He created everything (John 1:3, Col 1:16) and that includes us? If so, do we then believe that everything God created is good (Ecc 3:11, 1 Tim 4:4) and with purpose (Romans 8:28-30)? What does it say about our view of God and His Word if we have low self-esteem? If we are insecure about our looks or our personality or our purpose, what does that tell us? Maybe it's not an issue of doubting God. Maybe the problem is that we have never really asked ourselves who we are because of Him...who He created us to be and why. Maybe our lack of confidence lies in the fact that we are comparing ourselves to the world's standards instead of comparing ourselves to God's standards. So, stop and ask yourself "Who am I? Who did God create me to be? What is my purpose in being here?" We know that God doesn't make mistakes, so if we figure out what His purpose is in creating us, maybe we will begin to understand what it means to be truly happy with who we are. Then we will start to fulfill exactly what He intended for us from the very beginning.

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