Thursday, November 1, 2012

WHAT'S IMPORTANT by Carlene Belue

(Articles between now and Thanksgiving will be based on questions to ask yourself so you can prepare your heart to truly be thankful. They are written by different women in our church. You may want to read the first one, Preparing for Thanksgiving, by Christie Smith.

Am I doing what matters most right now?

I’ve asked myself this question on many days recently as I’ve gone from one day to the next, just getting done what had to be accomplished for that day (sometimes living hour to hour) and feeling like I’m just surviving when I’d really like to have all my photos in an album, the clothes always washed and put up right away, the dog hair off my kitchen floor, my files cleaned out and organized, the dishes not stacking in the sink, and the toys not spread all over…the list could go on (I’m sure you have your own).

Here are a few of the priorities that do get accomplished each day…feeding my sweet baby, making lunch for my first grader and making sure she has everything she needs as she gets out the door for school, getting clothes (sometimes) and bottles washed, taking care of the pets, ministry at the church, helping with homework, making meals…all of which need to be done and are important for my family.

I have to admit that panic sometimes sets in that my house will just not ever get organized, toys will stay spread all over, and that project that has been on my to-do list for a week now might take another day or two or three to accomplish.

So, what matters most today? 
~ Sitting and playing with my baby
~ Listening to my sweet first grader read or going outside to jump on the trampoline with her
~ Going for a walk with my family
~ Finding ways to be a true helper/companion/fan of my husband
~ Making time for Jesus

I’m sure there are more or different ones for you; but I think you get the point. What I sometimes make to be important and spend time on today so that I feel better is often not really very important after all.

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