Friday, December 27, 2013

Storing Christmas Decorations by Stacy McSpadden

When we sell various items at the store for the Christmas season, people always ask one common do I pack this up?

This is particularly true of Christmas wreaths and garlands.  They are some of the biggest items to pack away, but also some of the most delicate. The best way to insure that your wreaths and door hangings stay safe is to place them in a loose fitting plastic leaf bag to prevent dust, then hang them in the attic or lay flat. This provides a minimum chance of crushing to the wreath. Same is true for garlands. Wrap them loosely in plastic and lay flat across a wide area. The good news is that if the ribbons are flattened, then you can usually fluff them up because most ribbon these days is wired.

Bows are another thing that no one seems to know how to store. Jackie Crone taught me that if you take your bows and tie them to coat hangers, then you can usually hang them in the attic or closet without crushing them. There again, you might want to cover them with loose plastic. If you want extra assurance that those loops stay intact, then stuff some wads of tissue paper in the loops to keep their shape.

Just a couple of thoughts as you tackle putting up those Christmas decorations!

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