Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Gotta Have It by Cathy Westmoreland

I want that! I need that! All my friends have that. I have heard these words spoken over and over the last few days. Children and teenagers pleading with Mom for that perfect present that they just have to receive on Christmas morning. Yes, I have been Christmas shopping!

I have been guilty of saying, "I need that," but did I really? Young people imitate their elders. We have a gigantic responsibility as parents and grandparents to let our children see where we place our priorities. Are we always trying to gain more material wealth or keep up with our neighbors? Are we trying to impress people? Not any material wealth can match the treasure that I have in knowing my LORD. I do want to impress my grandchildren with the joy I have in my life because of HIM.

He is the reason for the season. What I need every minute of every day is JESUS. I want HIM and I need HIM. We all need Jesus. I wish I could say all my friends have the greatest present ever given! During this Christmas season I pray that many children dreaming of that special gift will receive the greatest present ever given. I pray that they might come to know the gift that will change their life and they will cherish more and more each day.

Jesus is the one gift I pray everyone would want.  

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