Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Preparing for Christmas by Proclaiming by Kim Wright

This week Kim Wright is showing us how to prepare for Christmas. Yesterday she suggested we first ponder. You can read about it here

We love to share good news! We call our family and friends; we text it, tweet it, Instagram it, and update our Facebook statuses. When we’re the recipients of good news, it affects how we interact with others. We smile; we speak; we make eye contact and nod our head in greeting at complete strangers. We giggle, we hum…it spills out of us as though it can’t be contained!

When we experience good news, we can’t keep it to ourselves...we proclaim it!

Various angels proclaimed it.

Elizabeth, Zechariah, and even Mary herself proclaimed it.

The shepherds told everyone they knew.

How about you? What is spilling out, not able to be contained? ...Stress?  …Depression?  …Irritation at the store clerk?  …Aggravation at the people in front of you in line?

Are you celebrating the birth of the One who has changed your life? …Your best Friend? …the One who laid down His life to save yours?

Ponder what He’s done for you…if He has truly made a difference in your life…then proclaim it!

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