Friday, December 20, 2013

Preparing for Christmas by Pressing On by Kim Wright

This week Kim has been telling us how to prepare for Christmas, by ponderingproclaiming, and praising. Click on the links to read her posts.

Their wedding plans changed. There were undoubtedly tears, fears, and longings that couldn’t immediately be satisfied.

They pressed on.

There was a journey that had to be made…at the most inconvenient time. “Goodbyes” and “Don’t worry’s” had to be said. “What are we going to do’s?” had to be confronted. There were possibly swollen feet, an aching back, a small bladder, and various other issues that a pregnant woman has to endure while riding on the back of a donkey…for miles.

They pressed on.

There was a town, bustling with people…no rooms left. There was exhaustion, maybe a little concern…maybe a lot. They were just hoping to get settled in for the night.

They pressed on.

There were bugs. There were smells. There were noises…all night long. The ground was hard, the hay was itchy, and the birth pains were beginning.

They pressed on.

There was a mess, but there were relieved parents. The crying meant all was well…He had come. What a humbling, terrifying, awe inspiring moment it must have been to realize that you were now in charge of parenting and protecting God’s Son!

They pressed on.

They pressed on because they knew the Promise that was to be fulfilled through this little one. He was to be called Immanuel, God with us.

We would do well to follow their example. Life isn’t always full of angels in the night sky or moments filled with worship and wonder…sometimes it is hard…smelly…messy… scary.
We can prepare for Christmas by committing to press on, knowing that while following God isn’t always easy…it is always worth it!

Perhaps the most beautiful part of this story being a true one is that we too can press on in the same way that Mary and Joseph did…in the power of Immanuel, God with us.

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