Wednesday, December 11, 2013

God With Us by Christie Smith

“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel (which means, God with us)." Matthew 1:23


One word. A simple preposition. It could've said "God to us"...which He is, or "God for us"...which He is. But, God named His Son Immanuel- God WITH us. 

I try to understand this in my own relationships on Earth. When I do something "to" someone or "for" someone, I'm in control. I'm in charge of what I will allow. I'm in charge of my actions. I'm not vulnerable. Because I'm not in a relationship "with" that person, I'm only in action to or for them. Being with someone takes on a whole new dimension. With means you're not just bringing them a meal during their time of're actually there holding their hand through the crisis. With means you're not just there to cheer them on in their're there during the ups and downs they went through to get to that victory. 

When you're with someone, you're together, you're equal. Many people in my life do things to me or for me, but it's those people that are with me that help the most...that heal the hurts...that make the good times even better. They get me...they understand me...they know what I mean without me ever having to explain a thing. 

God with us. Yes... I like that much better than to or for! 

Some synonyms for "With"... accompanying, alongside, amidst, among, beside, for, including, near, plus.

God accompanying us.
God alongside us.
God amidst us.
God among us.
God beside us.
God for us.
God including us.
God near us.
God plus us.

So this year, how am I preparing my heart for Christmas? I'm trying to understand this simple little preposition "with." I'm trying to understand that just as God is with us in spirit, we are called to be "with" others.

Accompanying others.
Alongside others.
Amidst others.
Beside others.
For others.
Including others.
Near others.

Because God is with me! In the midst of my messy, beautiful life. 

So I should be with others. In the midst of their messy, beautiful lives.

With. Such a small word. Such a huge difference. 

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