Monday, September 23, 2013


Who among you fears the Lord 
and obeys the word of his servant? 
Let him who walks in the dark, 
who has no light, 
trust in the name of the Lord 
and rely on his God.
Isaiah 50:10

Therefore I will look to the Lord; 
I will wait for the God of my salvation; 
my God will hear me. 
Micah 7:7

"Trust me here and now. You are in rigorous training - on an adventurous trail designed for you alone. This path is not of your choosing, but it is My way for you. I am doing things you can't understand. That is why I say, 'Trust Me!'

Focus on enjoying Me and all that I am to you - even though your circumstances scream for resolution. Refuse to obsess about your problems and how you are going to fix them. Instead, affirm your trust in Me; wait hopefully in My Presence, and watch to see what I will do." 
                  ~ from Jesus Today (#10) by Sarah Young

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