Thursday, September 12, 2013

MORE ABOUT LEAH'S HOUSE by Ramona Callahan

All this week, you've been reading about a new ministry named Leah's House. We're getting closer to letting you know how you can participate in helping to meet these women's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. But for today, here is more of Ramona Callahan's story in her own words:

Leah’s House took her first resident on March 1, 2013, and has since that time seen 13 women come and go through her doors.  Each one represents a life that has now been touched, a seed planted, hope presented. We may never see or know the extent to which God uses the time these women have spent with us at Leah’s House. But we will always know they have seen God in action. Even if they are not immediately successful or saved by grace, our prayer is that they will one day look back on their time here and realize that God loves them because of this experience. We have been honored already to witness changes in lives that may have otherwise been lost forever.   

I am excited to share with you ways you can be involved in the life-changing work of Leah’s House. There are opportunities on multiple levels of commitment - from teaching life skill classes like balancing a checkbook or planning meals to home improvement and gardening, from legal representation to simple letters of encouragement, the needs are many. There is no charge to the residents, and the staff and management of Leah’s House are all volunteers. Leah’s House is fully funded through donations. The supplies and materials needed to house, feed, and care for up to ten residents at any given time are ongoing and overwhelming. We accept cash donations, clothing, pantry/kitchen items, craft supplies, gardening tools, cleaning supplies, etc., to support this ministry. It has been an amazing lesson in faith to watch as God has supplied every need month to month. His grace is sufficient. He is able to do unfathomably more than anything we can even imagine, and he supplies according to his riches in glory.  

If you would like more information about Leah’s House, or to make donations, please contact me at any of the following paths:
On Facebook as RaMona Shelby Callahan

Tomorrow, you will see ways people at our church are already helping as well as more specific ways you can help...

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