Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LEAH'S HOUSE by Paula Roten

As you read all last week about Leah's House, I hope you asked the Lord to show you specific ways you can become involved in meeting needs so that these women can know the love of Christ. If you can do any of the following, you can help in a huge way:

  • facilitate a Bible Study
  • follow a recipe
  • write a note of encouragement
  • grow flowers
  • plant a garden
  • balance a checkbook
  • write a resume
  • conduct an interview
  • do crafts
  • create a household budget
  • shop for clothes/buy groceries on a shoestring budget
  • decorate cakes/cupcakes
  • arrange flowers
  • couponing
  • paint
  • do general house maintenance/cleaning
...and the list could go on and on. These women need someone to teach them life skills. Notice that none of the above suggestions require money, just a willing spirit.

But money is needed too. In fact, in a few weeks, four women from Leah's House will be leaving and living on their own holding down a full time job. One woman took it upon herself to organize getting brand new clothes for these four women to have as they embark upon this new journey in their life. One women's Sunday School class, using e-mail and in about 48 hours, volunteered to provide brand new work clothes, pjs, t-shirts, casual tops, wallets, and devotional books for these ladies. Wow! In no time, women jumped at the chance to help provide some basic necessities for other women. 

Another woman in our church wanted to organize preparing the intake bags for the ladies to have when they first arrive at Leah's House. She asked Care Groups to help provide trial sizes of lotion, body wash, shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste, shaving cream, as well as purse-sized kleenex, emery boards, toothbrushes, and disposable razors. These items are easily found at Target and Walmart. 

Ever since our study of James, our Bible Study ladies have purposefully ministered to either our community or someone in need. This time, we are bringing toilet paper and feminine hygiene products for Leah's House. 

So, as you can see, Leah's House is on our hearts. We want to help provide for these women, to be God's hands to bless them.

But there are ongoing needs for Leah's House. It needs general operating supplies: cleaning supplies, office supplies, pantry staples, and much more. This is where our church can help. We are going to publish a list of supplies every so often and ask our people to pick up whatever items you can when you go shopping. Let it become second nature to you. We will have boxes stationed at church where you can take these supplies for the next month or so. Will you pick up something extra for Leah's House every time you go to the grocery store? You can choose from the list below. 

copy paper
60 watt light bulbs
batteries, all sizes
freezer zip lock bags
gallon zip lock bags
sandwich bags
garbage bags, 33 gallon
wax paper

New or gently used items
6 - 4-drawer chest of drawers
6 night stands
6 bedroom lamps
3 twin mattress frames
3 twin mattress/box springs sets
upright freezer

If you can provide these last 6 items, please contact Ramona Callahan at

On Facebook as RaMona Shelby Callahan

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