Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LEAH'S HOUSE by Ramona Callahan

This week you will be reading about a new ministry that our women at Broadway will be participating in, Leah's House. Ramona Callahan has been able to see this ministry develop from almost the very beginning. We found out at our Women's Retreat that God gave her a burden to do more than "just fix hair." She wanted to make a difference in people's lives, but she didn't know how or in what area. After praying and begging God to show her, He finally did. The following is her story in her words:

Michelle Moyers, President of Leah’s House, has had a vision for 20+ years of opening a restoration home for women. She has overcome drug addiction through the strength of Jesus Christ, and it is her heart’s desire to help other women experience deliverance and freedom through salvation and discipleship through God’s word.  

As Executive Director, I have a similar vision and desire to be busy for God using the skills and talents He has given me.  I believe God is using everything in my past (good, bad, and ugly) to equip me and prepare me for this job. My goal is to help Michelle grow Leah’s House with God’s direction. In the short time since we began we have seen His faithfulness and provision. 

Leah’s House is a safe place for broken women to discover the love and purpose of Jesus Christ, and to become over-comers through Him. It is a 90 day discipleship, residential program provided at no cost where residents are treated with love and respect and taught the values of self-discipline, integrity, and Biblically based foundations for life-long skills to allow them to become spiritually, mentally, socially, and emotionally strong.  We believe no matter how seemingly hopeless a life may be, God has a purpose and a plan for each one. We strive to help women find their purpose in fellowship with Christ while building relationships with other women of faith who provide daily life skills for the redirection of life habits.  

More to come tomorrow...

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