Monday, February 4, 2013


For we have no power 
to face this vast army 
that is attacking us. 
We do not know what to do, 
but our eyes are upon you.
II Chronicles 20:12

What "vast army" is attacking you? Financial issues, health problems, wayward children, a disinterested husband, a career that seems to go no where? 

Remember what God told the Children of Israel:

Do not be afraid or discouraged 
because of this vast army. 
For the battle is not yours, but God's. 
II Chronicles 20:15

But remember one more thing from this passage, God instructed them to place the Levites in front of the army singing:

Give thanks to the Lord, 
for his love endures forever.
II Chronicles 20:21

And as they began to sing and praise, God took care of their enemy without them ever having to lift their sword. (II Chronicles 20:22-24)

What do you think might happen today if you sang praise and thanksgiving to your great God? And then did it again tomorrow? And the next day?

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