Wednesday, February 6, 2013


1.   GOD  loves to hear from us. Pray for and with your child. Teach them to pray. There is nothing more precious than hearing a child talking to Abba Father. Just think how hearing their words touches our hearts...Can you fathom how much He yearns to hear them pray?

2.   Teach them His commandments. I wish I had said them aloud more often in my home when the kids were growing up. I pray my life has been one in which my family has seen me doing my best to live in obedience. Living those commandments will help our children grow into moral, ethical, mature Christ-centered adults.

3.   Read His love notes to them over and over again. Let them see you reading your BIBLE daily. Tell them how much you cherish GOD's word. One of our goals should be that our children will grow up with a love of GOD's word. Actions speak louder than words.....Be in the Word daily. "I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11.

4.   Be obedient. We are their examples and they are watching. When we fail, as we all do, admit it. I failed so many times, when I didn't get on my knees and let my children hear my conversation with my Abba Father about those failings and asking forgiveness.

5.   Sing praises and worship GOD. Children love to sing, so why not have them singing praises to our KING? Let them listen to Christian music as much as you can.

6.   Spend time with the LORD and teach them about a quiet time. Children love one on one time with their parents, so it  should be that we love the time we have with our heavenly FATHER.

7.   Attend church regularly. Let your children see how important your church family is to you. Their home church should be like a second home. They should feel loved and safe. They can't come if you don't bring them. Be punctual!  Try your best to get to church on time.........that is a great habit to start. GOD deserves that respect.

We don't know their future....but we know who holds their future.

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