Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Do you remember the famous movie quote from "Forrest Gump?" My boys almost drove me nuts quoting (as Forrest) that line over and over again. It went something like this: "Momma said, 'Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.'" Everyone likes chocolate. Well, almost everyone.

I like teachable moments and this is a great month for them. How would you like to eat some wonderful chocolate candy and not feel guilty? You can have something sweet that gives you energy and also will delight your children while you spend quality time together.

This is a fun one!!! For those that crave rich, delicious, mouth watering, creamy bites of chocolate....get a box and share with your kids. (You won't feel guilty) There is a message in each bite. How are these chocolates like people? 

First of all, the candy pieces all come dressed in nice chocolate in a pretty, fancy box, just like we come to church bathed and dressed. Some pieces look really good-but when you bite into them, you reject them. You say, this isn't for me. Some people come to hear the gospel and they totally reject it. They just come to be seen. 

One bite of chocolate might be hollow-like a lot of Christians. They have all the head knowledge but the heart is missing.  

Some chocolates are so hard you can barely bite into them-they are the Christians that are hard hearted, showing no compassion. 

Another piece of chocolate is the one with the sour center-that's the complaining, bitter Christian. 

What about the chocolate filled with coconut? That's the Christian that's aged well but is confused about if and where they should serve.  

Some chocolates are chewy caramel..ooh, I really like those. That's the Christian that oozes with sweetness and compassion for others.  

Oh my, what about those chocolate covered cherries? That's the Christian that shares about Jesus and how to know Jesus.  

You can make up your own story to go with the chocolates! Have fun....oh yes, did you notice, I purposely left out the chocolates with nuts in them? Every church has those fun, wacky people who bring excitement and joy to the church family. God wants us to be a happy. Thanks to you, nutty ones! Ha Ha

When a Christian loves GOD with all their heart, they may not appear to be spiritual by looking at them. But when they are put to the test they show the love of GOD and are servants that please their LORD.

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