Friday, May 9, 2014

Sistering by Christie Smith

I read an article at and fell in love with the term "sistering." It's a term used in carpentry and this is how one reader defines it:

"Sometimes an existing joist, which was designed to handle a certain load, becomes too weak. Maybe it was damaged by water or fire. Maybe it still has structural integrity but an addition is being constructed and the new load is going to be a lot heavier than before. Either way, now it is not as sturdy as it needs to be.
When a builder needs to strengthen that joist, she puts a new member right next to the original one and fastens the two together. Sometimes, two new joists are needed - one on either side."

Do you know what they call that?

A Sister Joist.

And builders use “Sister” as a verb, like, “We need to Sister the joists in the east bay about four feet.” Even better is the nonsensical: “Sistering” as in, “Are they finished Sistering the roof rafters?”

Sometimes the load of life is too heavy. Sometimes we break. And sometimes after the breaking, a sister comes up beside us to help bear the load. When the two are fastened tightly together, the original member is stronger than before. 

Are you in need of "sistering" today? That's what our women's ministry is all about...coming alongside each other to make us all stronger. So reach out and help someone around you. Or, like in my case, reach out and let someone know when you need help. God created us for relationship! 

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