Thursday, January 3, 2013

WHAT IS TIME? by Vicki Taylor

Do you every wonder where your time goes? I know I do. Life rushes by so fast. The days, the weeks, the months, and the years speed by so quickly. You turn around and it's Christmas time again. Try explaining that to your adult children whose lives are filled with activities that matter not. They just look at you like you have just sprouted a third head. I know…I have tried.

What I do know is that God is never in a hurry. His timing is not like ours. His heavenly time clock ticks slow; ours always runs fast, speeding faster than the speed of light. No wonder we don’t see it; it just goes by so fast.

As I grow older, His words to me are “Be Still!” Again and again He quiets my anxious heart with “Be Still and Know that I AM GOD.” No matter what I do or do not do, He WILL NOT be rushed. No matter my situation, I cannot rush His answers for me. He gently reminds me to “Be Still” and wait. Now most of you probably don’t know me, but waiting is not one of my spiritual gifts.  I am a “git ‘er done” sort of person. My daughter-in-law has taught me to be somewhat organized and I love that quality in her. Let’s get this done and move on to the next project. But God is not like that. He sits back and watches as I get myself into one anxious mess and then another, all the while trying to fix the problems I have created. 

I am learning that I cannot rush into what God wants me to learn. All I gain from hurry is the knowledge of the world instead of the wisdom that God insists I learn from Him. Knowledge is short lived, but wisdom, wisdom comes with age, like a life spent in tune with the Father, seeking His wisdom, His direction, and His advice. It comes like the gentle soft rains on the parched summer ground, dry and thirsty for His living water. It soaks into the very soul of the believer who knows Him. Filling every empty space until full. It takes time.

Time…we all have the same 24 hours a day. How we use those hours is what counts…either to glorify the Father or to run around harried and frustrated because we think we don’t have enough time. Yes, I am learning that God wants me to “slow down, be still and see the salvation of the Lord.”  How can we be different in the world and make a difference if we do not slow down?  Alas, we cannot. We must stop and see what the Lord would have us do and then do His will. It really is that simple. And you know what? You will find out that you have all the time you really need. I know I have.

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