Friday, January 11, 2013

DEAR GOD by Tony Manley

Dear God,  

I am so excited about obeying You! You and I both know there are sooooo many times I act like I don’t hear you or even just whisper no under my breath thinking that since no one else heard me say no to you, then you didn’t hear me say no!  I know, I am still kind of like the toddler who believes if I can’t see you, then you can’t see me when I cover my eyes! 

Thank you for putting in my path today the very circumstance (“it”) I needed to deal with to be clean and free with you. You put “it” on my heart a few days ago and I was ready. Each day I have looked for the “it” to happen, only to go home and wait for the next morning to experience the “it” so that I could obey! Rarely have I been so ready to obey. I even rehearsed (as you know) all the ways this could go, but I praise you that I didn’t give in to fear or even disobedience! You truly are the courage and strength I needed to do a scary and hard thing! Thank you that “it” went well, but mostly I am heart singing because I wanted to face and deal with “it” for your honor and your smile. “It” has been a yoke of slavery and weariness in my heart. “It” has caused me to avoid and calculate how to not see the “it.” Wow, bondage is tiring. 

God, you are so kind to stay with me day in and day out. I expect my husband to do it, but you are the icing on my cake of joy. I truly could go sing and Maria twirl in the public eye right now just to show how wonderfully clean and free a heart can be!

Being free from ugly is absolutely the best. Now, would you help me to stay that way and help me to remember this inside freedom and smile when I even give a glance toward the secret of ugly!

Your free and clean Mississippi daughter,


P.S. Thanks for being inside and beside me. I could tell you were right there!

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