Friday, February 7, 2014

A Good Place...On the Same Page by Tony Manley

Today I heard about another broken relationship. Another broken car, appliance, schedule, toy, pipe…these can be frustrations and nuisances. But broken hearts, marriages, children, relationships, businesses, churches – these are more than frustrations and nuisances. These are flat out hurts. Heart hurts. So I started thinking about the “brokens” that affect the heart.
When people or organizations are broken, I believe there is a lack of being “on the same page.” I love the sound and experience of being “on the same page” with another person. There is something peaceful and restful (even in the midst of a storm) when both of us are in a place of trust, respect, desire to see the other succeed, and an agreement in achieving God’s results. Being “on the same page” encourages, strengthens, and produces good fruit, not to mention the emission of a fragrance that others will be drawn toward. A marriage where both are “on the same page” is a picture of the bride and the Bridegroom. When children are “on the same page” as their parents, the picture God paints of that family is a replica of His body, the church. As a teacher, I know the results with my students are greater when the parents and I are on the same page. The same is true for the place I serve/work, my heart is more fruitful and productive when I am in agreement and support of - “on the same page”- as my authorities. Within the church, I am called to be “on the same page” with the Word, God’s message of life to me as a fully devoted follower of Christ.

In contrast, not being “on the same page” results in discouragement, a weakening of the heart, and the beginning or continuing of a break in relationships within homes, work environments, and even the body of Christ. To be in a broken place circumstantially can be draining on the heart and mind. I think about the year that David spent covering his sin toward Bathsheba and Uriah. The emotional drain, the weakening of his heart, and the broken fellowship with God yielded a death and a lifetime of consequences. Yes, thankfully, he confessed and repented, but there were sown seeds that would grow into some pretty ugly fruit and consequences that followed.  

I do think being “on the same page” is a battle worth fighting – the battle to exemplify the presence of Christ over the presence of entitlement or self. The battle to obey God’s words and ways as being more important than me obeying my works and ways. 

God has given me everything I need to live “on the same page” with Him. I can be with Him. I can trust Him. I can experience the fruit He makes available by His indwelling presence all the time. I pray I will embrace Him in order to experience the “on the same page” relationship He offers me daily. 

What a good place to be, the place of “on the same page” with Christ.

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