Thursday, January 30, 2014

Textile Trends for 2014 by Stacy McSpadden

Our resident interior designer Stacy McSpadden tells us what's in store for the coming year.

Chinoiserie:  Chinoiserie is French for “Chinese-esque,” and refers to the use of objects and design from China within European styles. These patterns generally depict images from nature and Chinese customs such as dragons, Chinese porcelain, and foo dogs.  Cycling back to us after several decades, Chinoiserie textile patterns updated in bold colors provide a fresh and exotic slant on traditional motifs. They can be multi-colored or monochromatic. The Schumacher fabric pictured is whimsical in nature, large in scale and nods to blue and white Chinese porcelain. 

Geometric Patterns: A favorite of the past few years, and still thriving. However, we are seeing a departure from simple patterns such as the chevron stripe, and are moving to more complex designs, such as what I consider more of a chain link design. Available in different scales, geometrics are a fresh substitute for what used to be the popular mini-print and stripe. Large scale geometrics can stand alone, and small scale geometrics are great accents for solids, as well as large scale patterns like the Chinoiserie pictured above.

Plaid: Fresh and updated, we are mad for plaid in the world of design. In 2014, plaid is simple in color and sophisticated in style. Our favorites are updated tartans, window panes, and houndstooth plaids. Like geometrics, smaller scale plaids work with large multicolored patterns, and they are also a great way to soften rooms with leather sofas. Plaids even look great when applied to tufted sofas and chairs. 

Leather: While the simple brown tones are still popular, brightly colored leathers are new and exciting. A chair or a cocktail ottoman with leather in Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, is a great way to incorporate something fresh without committing to a whole sofa. Colored leathers look great when tufted and when texture is added such as crocodile, shagreen, and snakeskin.

Floral: At the most recent High Point Market, traditional florals were starting to be introduced in various showrooms. The actual design of the florals was traditional in nature, but with a current color story. I also saw florals printed on unusual textures such as velvets and linens. They looked great applied to pillows on solid sofas and on small accent chairs. Again, these work with all the new plaids, geometrics, and leathers.

Ikats: These fabrics are still popular, but updated. Ikats are now influenced by the most current colors. Ikat refers to a pattern created by a specific weaving technique, but now modern technology makes ikats available on a variety of textiles. The most current ikats can be found printed on linens, cottons, or woven in a heavier upholstery weight cloth. Ikats are used like many large scale patterns. They blend well with geometrics, linear patterns, and textured leathers. 

With the current bold colors and patterns being introduced in 2014, I am still noticing that the main pieces in most rooms remain neutral. What I like about a neutral palate is that you can change the design of your room easily from season to season or trend to trend. All of the afore mentioned patterns work well with neutrals. They not only bring in a lot of color, but they also introduce different textures. Even different textured neutrals look great when you want a very simple design without using a lot of color. Don’t be afraid of color and texture in your textiles. They are the key to making your room more interesting.

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