Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Ears by Tony Manley

Recently, a dear girlfriend had the joy of watching her one year old hear sound for the first time! An overwhelming sense of gratitude, joy, and even amazement overtook her heart as she watched her daughter respond to the gift of sound for the first time!

As I have watched and thought about this little life this last year, I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me how I lived before I received the gift of the gospel personally in my life. 

For the last year, this precious family has been on a mission – a misson of research, doctors, insurance, schools,…basically, their hearts were “all in one accord” for this little one to receive  hearing ears! This sweet girl has been loved from the moment she was known about. The hearts of her family have praised God for her as a fearfully and wonderfully made, 100% knit by God child. As God has led the way of her journey to hearing, her family has walked faithfully following and trusting Him to do “beyond and beyond” all they asked or thought for their sweet girl – ALL IN HIS TIME!

I have lived the life of a deaf heart – a heart that needed to be turned on - awakened. All the while not having a clue I was missing a part of life that was available to me. Being born with a heart that can’t hear or know the sound of God’s voice or ways is to be born into a life not complete. Left to myself, I couldn’t know I needed more. As God began putting all the preparations into place for me to have a “more” life, it was His work, love, and attention that brought me to the day of turning my heart on! He gave me a new heart that could hear His voice, understand His heart, and even become more engaged in the life He had for me - the life I had been totally unaware of experiencing personally. I had watched life without total understanding but had not been able to bring understanding to the new life in Christ – until He implanted the Holy Spirit into my heart!

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