Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Suggestions by Ramona Callihan

Looking for a great book?

The Bait of Satan by John Bevere is an easy read, but just as though-provoking. It brings to light the ways Satan uses the trap of offenses to distract us from our calling... to love one another. It includes a study guide and affirmations as well as suggested prayer subjects in each chapter. This book certainly made me think about the ways I respond to situations and people, particularly when something hurts my feelings. I suggest this book for anyone who has felt hurt by other Christians, anyone who desires a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God and other people, and anyone who is in a position of leadership. I hope you enjoy it and learn from its pages as much as I have so far. I will be using it as a personal reference many times in the future. 

Looking for inspiration? 

Echoes of Mercy by Nancy Alcorn will inspire and encourage you. It is the story of how Nancy Alcorn was called to serve God and the journey that lead her to begin Mercy Ministries. Mercy Ministries is a nationally recognized organization that helps teenage and young adult women in times of crisis. This ministry is a non-profit free service for girls who are pregnant and need help, homeless teens, drug/alcohol addicts, self-mutilation addicts, and victims of human trafficing, just to brush the surface. The path her career took allowed her to see the deficit in the public rehabilition and correctional facilities for delinquent girls. You will be amazed as her story unfolds. God is using Nancy and Mercy Ministries to change lives drastically. I recommend this book for anyone who believes God calls us to help others. This generation is full of hurting people, and Mercy Ministries is a wonderful example of the way God can change lives.   

Have a hard time saying “No”?

Boundaries by Dr.'s Clowd and Townsend has been a wonderful resource for teaching others about setting limits and becoming disciplined. Not surprising, though, I learned so much about myself while reading it, that I became engrossed in its pages. I've now read the book 5 times as I teach from it at Leah's House Ministry. Every time I work with a new group of  ladies, I learn more about myself and how God wants me to grow and mature in His image. I highly recommend this book for everyone who has ever felt overwhelmed or inadequate in any way. It is also a great book for anyone dealing with hurtful memories, the inability to forgive, or a family member with addictions. It is a simple format that walks through boundary issues from birth to adulthood, how we form them, how they are strengthened or weakened, and how they measure up to God's plan for our lives. It is my prayer that everyone who deals with any “issues” will find answers from God's word through this book.  

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