Tuesday, March 12, 2013


If an F5 tornado blew through your life today, how would you face it? Would you kick and scream at God, shake your fist in His face, and ask why? Would you blame others for your calamity…friends, neighbors, or the government? Or would you be able to give thanks for your situation? Ahhh, that will make you think, will it not? Doesn’t God’s Word tell us to give thanks in “ALL” things?

I know in my own life, I have faced many storms … some you could say were small, others large, several colossal. All painful…but you know what? I did survive them all, often wondering about my sanity during the process. (Yes, I know some of you are still wondering about that.) But did I come through them all thankful? Well, let’s see…

I believe that facing storms really depends solely on how firm your foundation is planted. Now ladies, I don’t mean makeup either. I mean the “Rock” you are planted on. The firm foundation you can stand on while the winds of adversity try their best to blow you away, pounding relentlessly at you from all sides with everything they have, 24 hours a day. Just how does one give thanks during times of great distress and horrendous storms? Well… by now you know, I decided to dig.

Jesus says in Luke 6:46-49 (me paraphrasing) that if you come to Him and hear His Word, then put what you learn into practice, you will be like the person who builds their house on the rock, digging down deep and laying that foundation on the rock. Then when the floods come and the hurricane rains pour down on you, you will not be shaken. But… the person who does not put His Words into practice will be like the person who builds their house on the sand. And we all know what happens to that house.  

Did you catch that phrase, “digging down deep?” I believe that is the key that opens the lock to thankfulness. We need to dig deep in God’s Word and apply it in our hearts…laying the foundation for thanksliving. Yes, I meant to say “thanksliving.”  We need to learn to live the thankful life.  

In First Thessalonians 5:18, Paul says to “give thanks in all circumstances.” And I am the first to say, that’s hard to do. I remember during the holidays, during a very stressful time, asking my husband, “And I’m supposed to be thankful for all this too?” To which he wisely and calmly replied, “Yes.”  Doesn’t it just unnerve you when “they” are always right?  

I can tell you this… your circumstances probably will not change, but your outlook can. Get in His Word, dig deeper, read the Psalms, encourage yourself in His Word, like David did when he was under attack.  He got alone with his God and sought solace by spending time with Him, thanking Him, and praising Him.  

I love the Psalms. They are full of hope, praise, encouragement, and thanks. They have gotten me through every storm I have encountered. They can get you through too. Next time you face your storm, plant your feet firmly on the ground, give thanks, and hold on until the storm passes. Then enjoy the calm and dig deeper. Get to know your Heavenly Father on a deeper level. Firm up your foundation because I really hate to tell you this, but another storm is brewing on the horizon.  

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite verses, Psalm 54:4 -  “The Lord is the sustainer of my soul…”

He will sustain you too.


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