Friday, September 5, 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea by Paula Roten

For years, I have heard about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is credited with helping any number of ailments. Just look it up on reputable sites on the Internet and you will find the same information over and over: 
  • helps with diabetes and sugar control
  • helps control cholesterol levels
  • is full of probiotics
  • supports immune function
  • can help with constipation or diarrhea
  • can aid with weight loss by speeding up the metabolism
  • can ease body odor
  • relieves sore throat, colds, and sinus infections
  • relieves joint pain and stiffness
  • promotes digestion
  • prevents allergies
  • helps clear skin conditions and blemishes

Now, this wonderful, economical, easy-to-find pantry staple is not the most palatable thing to get down. In fact, for years I have substituted regular white vinegar in its place in salad dressings and coleslaw because of the strong taste. 

But lately, I decided I wanted to give it a try because of all the benefits it could have for my body and because I need to stay well and not spread germs to my granddaughter who is battling cancer. So, I went out and bought Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother (at Kroger it's in the organic section of the store). From what I've read, the mother is very important. You don't get all the health benefits from the processed apple cider vinegar we find on our store shelves. You must buy the raw, organic, non-distilled variety which contains the mother.  

By trial and error, I discovered a most enjoyable and palatable way of getting my required 2 T. dose in every day. You may want to start with less vinegar and even less/no ginger and then up the amount as you develop a taste for it. I was fortunate in that I liked it full-strength from the very beginning.

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

1 herbal tea bag (I have a huge stash in my pantry and have used every flavor before buying any more. I really like Celestial Seasoning's Country Peach, Raspberry Ice, Red Zinger, and Salada Green Tea with Red Antioxidants)

12 oz. water

sweetener (I use 2 tsp. stevia)

1 tsp. powdered ginger *

2 T. organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar

1/2 - 1 cup more water


1. Brew the herbal tea bag in a large mug of about 12 oz. of water. Allow time for it to steep.
2. Pour into a 1 qt. glass jar.
3. Add the sweetener, ginger, and apple cider vinegar and stir well. 
4. Add another 1/2 cup water (or more).
5. Fill the jar with ice and stir.

*Check out the health benefits of ginger. It also strengthens the immunity and is said to be an anti-inflammatory as well. 

My tea is a variation of Good Girl Moon Shine by Trim Healthy Mama.

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