Tuesday, September 9, 2014

God Bless the USA by Donna Clayton

In July of this year, I was privileged to visit the Normandy American Cemetery and memorial at Normandy Beach in Caen, France.

I entered the museum theater with the families on our educational trip. Words cannot express what emotions I felt as I watched a video interviewing older veterans who had been a part of the D-Day Invasion in June 1944. The screen flashed black and white photos depicting the faces of their youth as they told what they remembered about that historic day. Many of them choked up with tears as they shared their memories of “storming the beaches” after they parachuted into the channel; they were marching directly into the face of death. 73,000 American men – most were very young, some had not even made it out of their teens. The sacrifices they made, the courage they exhibited, and the emotional aftermath that so many of them endured for decades after the war was all for our benefit.  

Today I watched a video that made me remember, once again, the sacrifice made for the benefit of all generations. Remember with me.


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