Friday, December 7, 2012


Glitz and Glam.  The more gold and sequins, the better for Christmas decorating this season. When we went to Atlanta last January, bling was the thing. Everything was sequined or flocked or glitzy gold. I love it because it's sometimes hard to be "dressy" with the Christmas decor, but these things allow fun with that flair for the elegant. It's really an oxymoron, because while simplicity is all the rage for everyday furnishings, the "more the merrier" is in when it comes to the holidays. I took some pics of the season's hottest Christmas accessories. What I love about all of these is that you can work them into your traditional decorations.

Pardon my amateur photography, but this is a great example of mixing those crystal candlesticks that you got ages ago for a wedding gift and mix it with two simple glitter reindeer for a festive setting on your favorite console or chest.

These are two of my favorites. The sequined reindeer. We placed these on a simple mirrored tray. Great for an entry hall piece. It would also look great with some fresh magnolia leaves or holly around the tray.

Angels are all the rage this season. I love them because they remind me of some of my favorite Christmas carols. These are great for a mantle or sideboard. Here we placed them with a nice Christmas garland and fun ribbon.

Again, here are the angels used on the mantle. Instead of a fussy garland and a lot of stuff going on the mantle, we used two simple Christmas arrangements and surrounded a clock you might use everyday. Fun, yet simple look for the mantle.

As you can see, most of these ideas use the accessories you already have all the while sprucing up a little Christmas cheer with new decorations. And I always love the idea of fresh berries, pine, and leaves mixed with everything.

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