Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Last week was Grancamp.  Can I tell you I love it and get very excited as I prepare for the campers?  This year our theme was “Growing a Heart for God.”  Our motto was “A HOST heart is a kind heart.”  (HOST is an acronym for 4 hearts –happy, obedient, servant, and thankful).  Basically, it was a week to grow relationships and plant God’s character in the hearts of my four oldest grandchildren. 

I learned much more about my heart than I can express in this space!  For example, I have a much greater appreciation for God’s character.  Scripture states: God never grows weary; He is always attentive; He is full of mercy and grace; He is compassionate and long-suffering; He is just and always wise.  Now, I know God is more than these descriptors, but I can tell you these are the character qualities of this flesh and blood woman that I want strengthened whether I am a counselor at heart camp or just a regular person living life.  

Not to mention the hearts that the camp was intentional about growing! I loved the excitement, comaraderie, gratitude, and the routine.  But because my grandchildren are related to the same ancestors that I am related to (Adam and Eve), there were moments of weariness, rights, choices and responses not so fragrant, getting on nerves …you get the point! At times, I found myself having the same childish heart (thoughts) as the children – especially when I was focused on myself – another characteristic of the nature of our ancestors.  But God is so faithful to encourage, comfort, strengthen, bless, forgive, and basically be greater than self.  Heart camp was good for me and I believe it was profitable for the campers!

As the last campers left camp, and we were blowing kisses through the window, I had such mixed emotions. I was happy for them to be back with their parents and I was pleased with the results.  I loved getting to see each child’s heart in settings that were designed to grow their hearts in happiness /joy, obedience, servanthood, thankfulness, and kindness.
I am realizing that God has me in heart camp every day…He sets me in settings to grow my heart for Him and to be a living picture of His heart to the world. What a gift!

 Father, thank you for giving me Your heart.  I pray I will be faithful to share that heart with others all the days of my life.  You are so loving and faithful toward me.  

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